Who are behind Spanish Voices?

Independent voice talents in Spanish from all over Latin America and Spain ready to voice your scripts! Bilingual (English-Spanish) sound Engineers and Multimedia operators to mix, encode and post-produce in any format.

How does it work?

A step by step guide on a typical project process


Choose the voices from our online casting. Considerations include male or female, the kind of voice delivery you expect and of course the dialect/variety of Spanish you want.


Fill out the online form to let us know the details of your project, so that we know the resources required. Our rates are based on studio time and voice talent fees.

Orders and Booking

If you accept our price and commercial terms, we will ask you to submit a purchase order with details of your company.


We book the talent/s at the earliest possible schedule. We send your script to the voices so that they get familiar with the text. Then we record in our studios or at partner's studios.


A small standard project can be ready within 48 hours. We adapt our resources to ensure a fast turnaround.


For orders below 500 dollars, you can pay us by Paypal or Credit Card, adding a 4% charge.

Our Studio

Control Room

Control Room

Pro Tools HD with top-notch preamps and speakers. Insulated and acoustically treated walls to monitor audio in best conditions.

Soundproofed booths

Soundproofed booths

Room within a room construction with sound absorbing material. Sealed windows and doors. Silent AC thanks to acoustically treated ducts.



Neumann U87



Millennia stt- 1



Avid Pro Tools



Pro Tools HD ®
Sound Forge ®

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